8 Steps to Solving Corrosion Problems with METFAR-UP®

By answering this logical sequence of questions, you will be able to identify the right solution for your metals packaging application. It’s a simple formula, called METFAR-UP®

So how does VCI work?

Corrosion inhibitor compounds vaporize from the paper or film. They are attracted to the charged surface of the metal by virtue of their polar orientation.  The VCI molecules align on the surface of the metal creating a layer of molecules on the charged metal surface. This barrier prevents oxidation.

When metals are wrapped or packaged in VCI, the chemicals volatilize in the packaging environment, forming a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal.

Our VCI Education page explains how VCI works to protect your valuable metal parts and machinery during all stages of manufacture, export, storage, lay-up and preservation.

Have a corrosion problem? We can help you choose the right VCI to solve it. Just explain your situation in the form below.

Programa de Soporte de Campo Daubert 360°™

El Programa de Soporte de Campo Daubert 360°™ es un programa completo para ayudar a nuestros clientes con el complimiento y elaluación de los materiales empacados con los productos Daubert, enviados a cualquier parte del mundo. Es un gran trabajo en equipo. Con Daubert 360°, nuestro equipo global trabaja junto al cliente para proteger, ejecutar, inspeccionar y asegurar soluciones completas de prevención contra la corrosión. El programa incluye el estudio de todos los procesos relevantes, productos y métodos de empaque de protección en situaciones de campo, monitoreo y inspección de envíos en el momento de llegada.
Independientemente de la distancia del trayecto recorrido, las piezas deben llegar a su destino sin óxido, ya sea en el país o en todo el mundo.
Para más detalles, contacte a un gerente técnico de ventas.

Selecting The Right VCI

Stop rust with vci packaging

  • Which metals are in need of protection.
  • Corrosion inhibiting chemicals used and their effectiveness on the metals.
  • Ratio of chemicals in the formulation.
  • Amount of volatile corrosion inhibitors on the paper or in the film.
  • pH of the finished product.
  • Water solubility and the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor in the presence of moisture and/or high humidity.
  • Natural, neutral kraft paper or polyethylene film used as the carrier for the VCI.
  • The overall packaging design and the conditions expected during packing, shipping and storing.

Not all VCIs are created equal and often, one VCI formulation that works under one set of conditions will not work under another. One has to take into account all aspects of the process, metals composition, packaging, storage and shipping conditions in order to select the right packaging media and VCI formulation.

A large number of combinations are available from Daubert Cromwell and chances are we have one that will be effective in any specific application. To learn more about packaging your products with Daubert Cromwell, please view our Packaging Design Criteria file.

You can download a copy for free by clicking here.